tirsdag 13. oktober 2009

Recieved a few Jango Parts

It's been a while since the last blog entry, but I've not done much worth mentioning. I've repaired my Vader Chest plate, built a E-11 blaster and a Vader neck seal.

But today I came home with a big box standing by my door. I opened it and, behold, my Jango Fett helmet kit.

Yesterday I also recieved gloves for my Jango. They are womens gloves, and need a bit of modding, but I think they will do the job.

lørdag 16. mai 2009

Oh no! Another costume build!

And if you thought I was satisfied with two costumes, you were wrong. I'm now working on two more. One of the new builds is going to be a secret, so I won't blog so many pictures here. All I can say is that I've got the "helmet", the softparts and weapon. Now I need the belt to make it complete. I also need to make the suit and fix the helmet.

The next project is a bounty hunter. The father of the notorious Boba Fett. I'll be making Jango Fett. For my birthday, my GF gave me the BM CC helmet. Looking forward to recieving it. It'll arrive in September. CC stands for Cold cast. It will have a top layer of aluminium. That makes totally screen accurate, and won't need painting, except for the blue. IT'll be gorgeous.

Approved and ready

I've been approved. Forgot to mention that. I've already had my first troop. Here a father approached me and handed me his newborn child. "Hold him," he said. Was a strange feeling. I've also been Darth Vader at a bachelorette party. Instead of holding a baby, I had to hold a babe. Hehe

søndag 22. mars 2009

Sith Lord awaiting approval

I've finished building my Darth Vader, so my journey to the Dark Side should be complete. Still I have to wait for the judges.

torsdag 19. februar 2009

Progress report 19.02.09

Now that I've recieved my body suit, I have started getting things stuck to my body. I've added straps to my chestbox to make it sit, and I've added straps to the shins.
Now I need to make that shoulder armour sit tight and not go everywhere and rise up on me. But that will have to wait for when I get my shoulder bells back.

Here I am in most of my glory.

Darth Vader leather suit has arrived

YES! My tailor made leather suit has arrived today.
It's hot as summer on Tatooine, but sweet oh so sweet.
Here you can see me sporting it.

The mesh in the back is for ventilation purposes. I can't even imagine how Dave Prowse felt during the shoots for Star Wars.

Missing for a complete vader now is the belt, cape and robe.
Belt is on it's way.

Dark Lord progress

Been a long time since I updated this blog.
And as time has passed, I've gone and gotten a few more parts for my Vader.
What I've got so far, as you can see from the picture, is this:
Chestarmour (Shoulder bells are returned to be repainted ANH style.)
Chestbox (Need to work on the strapping)
Shinarmour (Need to work on the strapping)
MR Lightsaber

The leather bodysuit is coming any day now, so I'm really excited. Made in Argentina after my measurements. Should be a perfect fit.

I have also several pieces for my belt in order. I'll make all the electronics myself. Exciting.

onsdag 18. februar 2009

Going Sith

I got a fantastic christmaspresent this year. A great starter kit for my new costume:

The kit contained: Helmet, Gloves, Cod-piece and a sound board.
Still å lot to get, but this is sooo cool. A really nice helmet.
Fiber-glass, but still light. A fan inside to keep cool.
Just look at this beauty:

And a little one of a Vader relaxing after a stressfull Christmas

søndag 18. januar 2009

Going to SSGFC Göteborg

TK-7060 is going abroad. IIn the beginning of March, I'll be attending the annual Sci-Fi Con in Göteborg. This will be extremely fun. Lots of other troopers will be attending and I'll get to meet many new brothers in arms. Even R2-D2 will be there.

Here's the link to the Con's site.
Guests this time will be Mads Mikkelsen (YAY!) and Yoda (Huzzah!).

Here's the link for the Con.