lørdag 16. mai 2009

Oh no! Another costume build!

And if you thought I was satisfied with two costumes, you were wrong. I'm now working on two more. One of the new builds is going to be a secret, so I won't blog so many pictures here. All I can say is that I've got the "helmet", the softparts and weapon. Now I need the belt to make it complete. I also need to make the suit and fix the helmet.

The next project is a bounty hunter. The father of the notorious Boba Fett. I'll be making Jango Fett. For my birthday, my GF gave me the BM CC helmet. Looking forward to recieving it. It'll arrive in September. CC stands for Cold cast. It will have a top layer of aluminium. That makes totally screen accurate, and won't need painting, except for the blue. IT'll be gorgeous.

Approved and ready

I've been approved. Forgot to mention that. I've already had my first troop. Here a father approached me and handed me his newborn child. "Hold him," he said. Was a strange feeling. I've also been Darth Vader at a bachelorette party. Instead of holding a baby, I had to hold a babe. Hehe